Ski and snowboarding travel insurance

Hit the slopes with confidence with a WAS travel insurance policy that includes coverage for mishaps related to skiing and snowboarding holidays.


Travel insurance for your ski trip

At WAS, we offer travel insurance with optional snow cover to help protect your winter holiday. While we know that conquering the slopes can be a thrilling experience, we also know that accidents can happen, whether you’re a cross-country veteran or if you’re picking up a snowboard for the first time. Consider travel insurance for snow and ski sports for a little peace of mind when hitting the slopes.

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Why might I need a ski travel insurance quote?

It’s important to consider protecting your holiday with the right level of coverage to suit your needs.

If you are planning to go skiing or snowboarding on your international trip, please add this option so we can add ski cover to your policy.

If you take a nasty fall while skiing, medical bills can run high, especially in countries like the US. Lost, stolen, or damaged ski equipment can also be expensive to replace. If anything happens to disrupt your break, you’d like to know there was help at hand to offset costs.

Whatever happens, you want your holiday to go as smoothly as possible. Opting for a travel insurance policy that includes winter sports coverage could offer financial protection if things go wrong on your skiing or snowboarding holiday.

What’s included in the WAS ski and snowboarding insurance option?

We offer a range of plans to suit most people’s unique needs and budgetary requirements. Our snow pack offers a little extra security, letting you brave the snowy conditions with one less thing to worry about.

With eligible coverage, we’ll cover you in the event of:

  • Emergency medical costs as a result of winter sport injury
  • Your snow sports equipment is lost, delayed or damaged during the trip, we’ll pay the necessary cost of hiring replacement equipment
  • You’re prevented from skiing at a pre-booked ski resort for more than 24 continuous hours during your trip due to insufficient snow or too much snow causing a total closure of the lift system
  • A change of plans resulting from an injury or illness

At WAS, we are completely transparent about the conditions of our policies. Check your policy to understand the conditions related to the above benefits.

Consider insurance for your skiing and snowboarding holiday

Travel insurance including our snow pack helps to give you coverage for the winter sports activities you wish to partake in on your snow trip, whether you're planning a ski trip to Canada, a snowboarding adventure nearer home in Victoria, or some snowmobiling fun in Japan.

Being in the snow and engaging in winter sports activities increases the risk of accidents or injuries. You'll need to update or modify your travel insurance coverage to include snow sports like skiing and snowboarding for those activities to be covered. Doing so can offer financial protection if things go wrong, hopefully letting you travel with a little extra confidence.

*Note that not all benefits apply and will depend on whether you have selected them (and are reflected on your Certificate of Insurance). Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits apply. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) for further details.

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