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Hit the road on two wheels with confidence on your next trip! WAS Insurance has you covered with our range of plans that includes the option of travel insurance for motorcycles


Travel Insurance for Motorcycles

So, you've booked a trip and you're planning to rent a motorcycle or moped. Hitting the open road is an increasingly popular and freeing way to explore a new area while putting some miles on the odometer.

WAS Insurance offers a range of upgraded plans including cheap travel insurance for motorcycles, completely customisable to your travel preferences, to give you peace of mind when getting around.

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Many Australians choose to visit destinations and rent motorcycles or mopeds to get around - its often the cheapest and most efficient method of transport in many destinations.

If this is something you're considering, let us know so that we can offer you an upgrade to your policy that includes motorcycle insurance.

What Happens if I'm Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

It can be dangerous to ride a motorcycle or a moped. When you travel, the traffic can be chaotic, the roads may have different rules, and the bike you rent might not be the same as the one you are accustomed to.

Each of these factors has the potential to cause an accident. Even if you are an experienced rider, falling from a bike might result in high medical costs, especially in countries such as the US.

This scenario is one of the main reasons to consider upgrading to an insurance policy that includes motorcycle insurance.

It gives you one less thing to worry about when strapping on your helmet and getting out on the road.

So, What Is Covered in Our Motorcycle Insurance Plan?

At WAS Insurance, we offer a range of uniquely created plans to fit in with the demands of modern travellers, even enabling you to upgrade during your trip.

If you upgrade your quote to include motorcycle travel insurance, we provide coverage for any motorcycle-related injuries sustained during your trip, as long as you were complying with the conditions of your policy.

However, you won't be covered if you are driving without a helmet, you don't have a valid driving license, or the engine capacity is greater than 250cc. You also won't be covered for your Personal Liability related to the hire.

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