Rental vehicle insurance excess coverage

Planning to explore a destination by rental car? Benefit from rental vehicle insurance excess advantages with your WAS travel insurance policy.


Rental vehicle insurance excess coverage benefits

Many Australians enjoy renting a car and exploring a destination behind the wheel on a driving holiday. It’s a freeing experience as you create your own itinerary and go at your own pace. However, when driving on unfamiliar roads with different driving laws, accidents can happen. Consider the peace of mind that rental vehicle insurance excess coverage can offer to protect your next driving holiday.

Other benefits

Baggage and personal effects
Emergency medical
Trip cancellation

What does WAS rental vehicle insurance excess cover?

At WAS, we offer various tailored insurance plans to suit each traveller’s needs. This can include coverage if you decide to rent a car during your trip. All you’d need to do is let us know that you plan on including a rental car in your itinerary.

If selected, cover would include:

  • Rental vehicle insurance excess up to $6,000
  • Cost of returning your rental vehicle to the nearest depot, including related airport concession charges, if you can’t return the vehicle due to an event covered by this policy.

So, if your rental vehicle insurance has an excess of $1,000 and you have an accident where damage of $2,500 is caused to your rental vehicle; WAS travel insurance would cover the $1,000 excess, and the rental vehicle insurance would review the claim for the remaining $1,500. Depending on your plans, rental car excess may not be good value for your needs – check what’s right for you.

The benefits of renting a car with insurance speak for themselves; it means you can drive with an extra sense of security knowing some of the expenses will be covered if you get into an accident.

Why might I need rental vehicle insurance excess cover?

We all climb behind the wheel with confidence, heading out on a journey to explore the sites of our holiday destination. When you travel, the traffic can be chaotic, the roads may have different rules, and the car you rent might be different to what you’re accustomed to.

Each of these factors has the potential to cause an accident.

Purchasing rental vehicle insurance excess cover can help protect you from potential financial liability in the event of an accident or theft of the rental vehicle while abroad, giving you one less thing to worry about as you deal with the fallout of an accident.

*Note that not all benefits apply and will depend on whether you have selected them (and are reflected on your Certificate of Insurance). Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and sub-limits apply. Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) for further details.

What’s does WAS mean by “rental vehicle”?

At WAS, we know that many holidaymakers choose to rent something other than a car. That’s why our rental vehicle insurance excess benefits include:

  • Campervans
  • Recreation vehicles
  • Motorhomes (not exceeding 4.5 tonnes)
  • Cars (sedans, station wagons, SUVS, hatchbacks, and coupes)
  • Minibuses and people-carriers

If you choose to rent one of these vehicles from a licensed rental agency, you can include rental vehicle excess in your travel insurance plan so you can set off on your journey with a little extra security.

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