Luggage Travel Insurance

Nothing spoils a trip like lost, stolen, or damaged luggage. Consider protecting yourself against the expenses of luggage-related issues with an upgrade to your policy with WAS Insurance.


Travel Insurance for Luggage with WAS Insurance

Lost, damaged, or stolen items from your luggage can put a stop to the best-laid plans for your trip or spoil the memory of a fantastic holiday.

Purchasing luggage travel insurance online can at least ensure you're protected to deal with some of the expenses associated with lost, damaged, or stolen luggage.

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Protect Yourself with WAS Insurance

At Wise and Silent Insurance, we want to offer a comprehensive policy that offers you the coverage you need.

That's why, if you're travelling with expensive items, electrical equipment, or just want some added protection for your personal effects, let us know so we can include luggage protection in your travel insurance quote.

Why Do I Need Luggage Insurance?

No matter how well-prepared you are or how well you pack, things can still go wrong when you're travelling.

It's possible for airlines to misplace your luggage, for your passport to be taken on a crowded bus, and for luggage to be damaged during transit. This unpredictability makes it advisable to consider a travel insurance policy with a luggage cover upgrade.

What Happens if Something Happens to My Luggage or Personal Effects?

If your luggage is misplaced, stolen, or accidentally damaged, this can cause high levels of stress and can impact your travel plans, even leaving you out of pocket as you replace items.

Even amid the inconvenience this may cause, you need to keep your head.

All cases of loss, theft or delay must be reported to an appropriate authority as soon as possible. You'll need to keep copies of these reports as part of any claim.

Of course, if you don't have luggage cover as part of your travel insurance plan, there may be no way to retrieve any compensation for the loss or damage to your items.

To avoid that scenario, consider upgrading to a luggage travel insurance quote that can offer you that peace of mind for your next trip.

So, What Is Covered in Our Luggage and Personal Effects Plan?

At WAS Insurance, we offer a range of uniquely created plans to fit in with the demands of modern travellers and want to offer you a tailored solution to meet your circumstances.

If luggage cover is something you want in your travel insurance policy, you'll need to let us know. Our luggage plan covers various circumstances, including:

  • Damaged items - we'll repair damage where practical and economical to do so.
  • Stolen and lost items - we'll replace any items available from our usual suppliers.
  • For items we agree we can't repair or replace, we'll calculate your benefit based on a depreciation calculation.
  • Up to $500 for expenses incurred overseas where it's legal and necessary to replace prescription medication damaged, stolen or accidentally lost during your trip.
  • The cost to replace your passport or visa if lost, stolen or damaged during your trip, including relevant travel costs up to $500.

We want to offer a customised policy that suits your unique needs, as well as being clear on the specifics of what's not covered in our luggage insurance policy.

So, get a quick quote today to start the process of finding the right travel insurance plan for you.

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